Happy Christmas Adam!

Comes before Christmas Eve and is generally unsatisfying. (Still one of my favorite dumb holiday jokes.)

Did an hour of “headphones on” time and the kitchen and living room are to a state of “certainly good enough for now” and I’m pretty pleased with that. And I swear, my mood is lighter and my brain is certainly calmer – SO WHY DON’T I KEEP THINGS IN SHAPE ALL THE TIME?!

And because I got that all done, I can just kick back and enjoy the rest of my day. WHAT. A. CONCEPT.

Had a nice big salad for lunch, and now I am going to relax on my cozy sofa, read the 2023 Burpee seed catalog cover to cover, and make origami animals. Might wrap a few gifts.

But more than anything, I am going to do it all with zero guilt, cause I got stuff done today. Go me.

You have a wonderful day and STAY WARM!

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