I am an easily entertained dork.

The ADS-B Exchange site… I am just totally fucking fascinated by it.

One neat thing you can do is filter to only see military aircraft.

I have decided that yesterday a flight I caught in a little plane was a CIA flight. Dynamic hex callsign, which means you can’t really look up the registration, took off from a farm in Maryland (I hit up google maps – it’s an LLC property with acreage and what appears to be some crops, and definitely a damn landing strip mowed into a field) and landed at the Army airbase 10 miles from here. That or some general is flying himself to work.

And today? I shit you not, I am sitting here drinking my coffee and watching Air Force One on a training/maintenance flight doing loops around Joint Base Andrews. How neat is that?

Screenshot from ADS-B Exchange showing a Boeing VC-25A flying in loops around Joint Base Andrews

Oh, and how did I figure out it was AF1? I googled “What are Boeing VC-25A used for” and this was the answer: The mission of the VC-25 aircraft — Air Force One — is to provide air transport for the president of the United States. The presidential air transport fleet consists of two specially configured Boeing 747-200B’s — tail numbers 28000 and 29000 — with the Air Force designation VC-25.

And here we have tail number 82-8000…aka 28000.

Like I said, very easily entertained.

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