Alright, do we try today again?

Or do we just go to bed now, sleep for 18 hours and try again tomorrow?

Stopped for a second Starbucks on the way out and about because unexpected peopling requires caffeine and caramel syrup.

Got back in the car, saw that I needed to empty the little trash basket in my car, pulled the bag out, dropped it in a trash bin and discovered I had no more leftover grocery bags to use in the little basket. Realized if I tried to wait until I got back home to replace the bags, there weren’t any grocery bags cause I’ve been very good about using my totes, and I would forget anyway.

So, into the market next to the coffee shop, grab little garbage bags, remembered we need more tissue paper and small festive paper plates, and found a cute hot chocolate/mug combo for little bro, cause he does enjoy his hot chocolate.

Off to Kohl’s! Successful return! Found good replacement item! Also may have snagged a good pair of sweatpants that were very marked down. And a fuzzy throw because it’s not Christmas unless someone gets a blanket that is immediately claimed by the cat.

And honestly, all I want to do now is sit and eat peppermint bark and watch this Korean feudal era soul shifting drama.

So, it may be time to readjust expectations for the day and maybe rather than doing ALL THE THINGS, just get the new slipcovers on the sofa. I have at least gotten them out of the shipping box, so that’s a start, right?

We’ll see…

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