Someone’s on vacation!!

IT’S ME! I AM!! With a fresh haircut and color to boot.

And it was not without 15 rather stressful minutes leading up to 1PM as a Sev 1 support issue came through at 12-freaking-45 – it was something I could do nothing about, but I was cc’d on all the emails and just kept hoping no one would ask me to chime in – thankfully they did not and I escaped on time!

Off to the hairdresser with holiday goodies and I was so glad I put together a little bag for the receptionist – it occurred to me that maybe she gets forgotten and without her, no one knows what they’re doing any given day, so she is important! She seemed so surprised by it – so I’m glad I did it.

And Micha with the magic fingers who washes my hair and crochets things for me, my lord, she outdid herself with this gorgeous wrap. Not sure the photo does it justice – the colors are these lovely muted pastels which gives it an antique look, and the work itself is just so lovely. And it’s cozy soft mohair. (She seemed impressed that I knew the yarn!)

Crocheted wrap of muted pastels giving it an antique look.

I’m trying to steel myself for going out and about… Trying to figure the “most efficient” paths around town, or at least not the absolute wrong-assed longest approach. And trying to figure out what I can do Monday/Tuesday when I’m not dealing with weekend crowds.

Remembered last night that I have three pieces of art for my brother for Christmas and I’d completely forgotten about frames. Got those measured and ordered this morning. Amazon is awful for many reasons, but they have made framing artwork far more affordable than in the old days.

So over the course of the week, I’ve got Amazon returns, need to go venture north to the indie pet supply store for the LilyMonster, Trader Joe’s for Christmas Eve goodies, market for Christmas brunch and regular stuff, maybe get some cards out, and wrap presents.

I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna bake here or do my part to support the local bakery and their amazing tea cookies this year, but I am leaning heavily towards the bakery, cause, a) tired and b) coconut macaroons.

Just did a freezer clear out for TJ’s and brunch stuff – no one is gonna eat those freezer burned bagels, LOL and now there is space and I don’t have to try to eat ALL THE STOUFFERS in the next two days.

And in looking to see if I remembered right that there is a Kohls for Amazon returns up north closer to TJ’s and the pet shop – I discovered that a) yes there is and b) the pet shop moved – right across from said Kohls! So… looks like it’s gonna be a go up north day today after all since I can get it all done in one loop. And it’s probably gonna be a madhouse everywhere – but it will be good to have all that out of the way right now.

And FML, despite getting up at 8:30, it is somehow noon.

OK, deep cleansing breaths, N95 at the ready, and off we go!!

You have a great Saturday!!

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