Half day to go!


And the sun is actually supposed to return today, YAY! And I slept in a bit and get out of work early, YAY!

So, a few months back, I was hearing from management, “oh, raises will be much better this year!” and today is our weekly-ish department meeting, seems the budget isn’t even for 4%. I’m not surprised, but this is such a dumb place to get stingy – since March 2020, the CPI is up 15%… Just dumb.

Have also noticed there has been no weird gifty thing this year from corporate, nor any little merch storefront from the department. Would I prefer a gift card? Yes. But making the gesture does count for something. (I did get a nice Christmas card & gift card from my immediate boss, which I do genuinely appreciate.)

It’s petty to care either way, but it makes me feel a bit “work to the rule” today and as such, my work laptop will not open until 9AM. (She says with Teams open in another tab just in case, LOL.)

Switching focus here like the undiagnosed ADHD gal I am – holy shit, Twitter. My god, Elon Musk is a pathetic manchild. Suspended a bunch of journalists who report on him, then nuked all the Spaces last night where they were appropriately roasting him, ran two polls asking when they should be allowed back, both overwhelmingly “NOW” and is blocking links to Mastodon instances – by Monday he’s gonna shut down the whole site to keep folks from talking about him. Dude needs a LOT of therapy. (Also, he didn’t get doxxed, no matter how many times he says it.)

If I’m on the Board of Directors for SpaceX or Tesla…well, I’m making some phone calls to my colleagues about permanently booting him given this absolutely batshit public behavior.

Once I am finally on PTO, I have a list a mile long of shit to get done this weekend. I’m shooting to have all Christmas stuff finished this weekend, because I want to be able to relax and split the rest of my time just enjoying the week off and getting caught back up on non-holiday things around the house. (Another list that is a mile long…)

Well, time to go put forth 4 hours of effort and THEN START MY VACATION!

You have a great Friday!

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