Not too shabby!

It’s 3:15 and all the errands for the day are DONE! All my steps are in for the day.

Amazon returns at Kohls, LilyMonster presents at Felix and Oscar*, quick side trip into market next to F&O to see if I could find the good butter cookies (YES!), Trader Joe’s (in 10 minutes ON A SATURDAY!) break at home to put away TJ stuff and get the flowers in water, and then the first of what will be 3 freakin’ trips to the market this week.

If you’re wondering why I need to hit the market 3 damn times… Well, today was paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues – and that is a whole damn cartful right there. But hey, 1009 days into the fucking plague AND WE HAVE NOT RUN OUT OF PAPER GOODS YET.

Tomorrow will be eggs, cheese, hashbrowns and whatnot for brunch cause I don’t want to wait until the last minute on those. Hashbrowns go especially fast this time of year.

End of the week will be the cheese danish, cause I kinda have to wait until the last minute for that one.

But now – I am gonna sit my happy ass down and do nothing.

* Shout out to whoever said “lets layout the new store almost exactly like the old store” – I so, so appreciated it.

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