I think this is a record

It is Sunday, December 18th and the only reason I need to leave the house again for Christmas stuff is the grocery store & bakery. I can’t remember the last time I had all the errands done this early. Go me!!

So, if you’ve followed any of the Twitter drama, you know that the guy that ran the ElonJet account got booted for “doxxing” – I follow that account over on Mastodon now and I was looking at the website he uses – ADS-B Exchange – what a neato website! Zoom out and it is insane how many airplanes are in the air at any given time, zoom in and you can watch them move around the map. Those two clusters of grey airplanes are our two airports – I can’t help but just envision a pile of aircraft there, LOL. If you zoom way in on the airports, you can see the planes on the taxiways & runways.

Screenshot of the ADS-B Exchange website, showing all the aircraft in my area. There are two clusters of grey airplane icons, those are our airports

Yes, I am easily entertained.

And thanks to that website, we know that Elon is at the World Cup, because of course a rich asshole tech bro is at the World Cup final. Which of course begs the question – if you see him at the World Cup and tweet about it – is it doxxing? (No, it is not. Pointing out a public figure at a public event is not doxxing – potentially rude, but not doxxing.)

And of course, now I’m trying to figure out what is up with the helicopter just south of my neighborhood – did some googling of the tail number and it seems that helicopter has been used in the past to do power line inspections in other places, and where it is circling does have a bunch of high tension lines, so yeah, that would make sense.

Screenshot from ADS-B Exchange showing a helicopter looping around the neighborhood

The older I get, the more I understand why folks become plane/trainspotters and get into model trains and whatnot.

You have a lovely Sunday while I watch airplane icons, LOL.

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