Hey, we made it to the weekend!

It’s the 10th of December – and honestly, despite the tree and lights all being up, I am not feeling Christmas-y AT ALL. I need to run errands this weekend, Christmas and regular – and I am very meh about it all.

Could just be a dental hangover but I am just not feeling it today. Probably not helping that it’s 40º and grey as fuck out there. I do need to hit up the Walgreens and there is a new-ish taco place across the street – maybe I’ll bribe myself with some takeout.

I am just mentally and physically flat today. Like I don’t feel bad, just…flat – it’s the best word I can come up with.

But, I have gotten my shoes on and I am going to shove myself out the door and at a minimum go get the milk we need. Go me?

You have a lovely, restful day.

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