Adulting is dumb and I don’t like it.

You have to do shit like going to the dentist. Voluntarily. Which I did today.

Noped out the pre-appointment anti-anxiety meds option. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I did not want to find out the hard way that they don’t work they way they should. (Once before I was given something – I do not remember what – and I was ready to throw down by the time I got to the dentists office. It was easily 20 years ago, and still bothers me and that was amping up my anxiety to the point of realizing it was a Bad Idea.)

And the nitrous just didn’t do shit today. This new dentist uses a different nose piece bit for it, and while it was far more comfortable, it just wouldn’t seal properly and so that was not awesome. Now, after the appointment, I realized a different way that the little straps could be adjusted that will work better and I’ll do that next time. And bring some freaking medical tape and secure everything, dammit.

At the start, the dentist asked if I was ready and I did say it wasn’t doing shit yet, but fuck it, lets’s go. He said it was at the max, so that’s when you just hit the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ point cause it’s just gonna be that kind of a day and hopefully it will eventually kick in.

And there was a little “um, fuck no” moment when they tried to put a combo bite block/suction thing in my mouth – bit like a fucking ball gag if you ask me and I damn near backflipped over the chair. Yeah, that’s fine for a full sedation, but if I’m awake, oh hell no. I will be using the regular little triangle bite block and you can have a tech hold the suction tube, thankyouverymuch.

Though I was far too aware throughout the whole thing, the novocaine held, I DID NOT CRY OR PANIC OR FREAK OUT and I have a “temporary but with permanent cement” bridge which actually feels pretty good even just a few hours afterward, and in 10 weeks after everything is fully healed then that gets pulled off and the permanent one put on and they can also take the molds for a new “definitely not a night guard.” (It’s totally a night guard.)

And in two weeks I have “deep cleaning” which does not sound fun, but adulting.

And now I have got to figure out what is for dinner that isn’t terribly crunchy cause I am hungry as all get out.

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