Gawd, I hate winter

We’ve got another shit grey day out there. I’ve got every damn light on in the house, added the vitamin D supplement back into the mix, and I’m reminding myself that I’m not lazy – my brain is just a bit fucked cause I’m very, very solar powered. (I do not know how folks in the far northern spaces manage it.)

I did manage to get my errands run yesterday, but damn if I wasn’t legit just going through the motions. Like, didn’t even stop to pick up tacos going through the motions. (I KNOW.)

I’ve been chasing dopamine with housework today and well, it’s working about as spectacularly as you’d expect given how I feel about housework, LOL. But at least a few things are getting done around the house.

But, we’ve got a half day Friday on tap this week, and then I am off work for something like 10 days, YAY! And I will have tons of time to get things done around the house instead of trying to cram it into a weekend when I’m trying to recover from the week.

So, if nothing else, I should at least be able to approach a state of “caught up” around the house – and maybe if I am super, super lucky – a little bit ahead.

But I have at least gotten the critical stuff done for the day – and now I’m going to allow myself to quietly exist.

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