So…how did today turn out?

Better than I thought it would at several points today!

A small decorated Christmas tree in front of a dark window
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, after I posted my earlier ramblings of the day, I decided I was hungry and should eat before doing anything else. Also discovered that leftover quesadillas should be done for 5 minutes at 350º vs 400º in the toaster oven because otherwise they get a wee bit crispy at the edges.

I mean, I did need something to eat, but also – brain doing anything but what needs to be done, LOL.

Then I found myself stuck on the couch for another half hour. And my brother added stuff to the dishwasher and started it up which messed me up because I needed to get Lily’s fountain in, but there was no room. (I will never not be mad that my brain can get so tripped up by stuff like that.)

So I decided I needed to try some of the cheese popcorn I got at the winter market. (Good stuff!)

Approaching 3PM and all I’ve done is a Starbucks run, a bit of writing, made the cold brew for tomorrow, swapped out Lily’s upstairs water dish and put the toothbrush on the charger. And I want to give up for the day, because even thinking about it all is tiring me the fuck out.

Then I found out about the burrito method of putting a duvet cover on – – amazing. Then I started watching shorts, because, of course and that was another half hour gone.

Then I kinda wanted a nap, but just ended up scrolling social media for another half hour.

Then I did make it into the dining room and made space for plants, then needed another snack. Cleaned out my purse. Got angry at the sung going down at 4:30 PM.

Watched the remainder of FX’s A Christmas Carol. Dark, but so, so good.

By now it’s 5PM, and I’m realizing I need to just put something on the TV I do NOT care about, and put on my headphones and GET. THE. TREE. DONE.

Moved the plants, cutting back the gerberas to boot. Vacuumed off the table. (So many dead leaves.) Recovered the flat bit. (It’s a slatted table, I keep an old Amazon box covered in wrapping paper on it so it has a flat surface.) Brought up the tree. Discovered that I fully undecorated it last year, dammit. Had a moment of brilliance and put it on a lazy susan to get the lights wound on. Added the ornaments and all done!

And I sat down and thought “my lord, it must be near 9PM at this point.” It was 6:30PM. And I managed to then get back UP and change the Febreeze plug ins and tended to the litter box, and called it all a success.

But jesus, getting started…

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