Happy Sunny Sunday to you!

It’s one of those deceptively pretty days out there – sunny but fucking cold. How many days until Spring??!?

This world we live in – goddamn it gets weirder every day. So, over on Twitter, R’s are mad because the Biden campaign – a non-governmental entity – asked for revenge porn to be taken down, someone at Twitter with actual good sense said, “Yes, that should be taken down.” BUT – somehow, TFG thinks we should suspend the Constitution so he can take power again and that is totally OK. That dude is completely fucking insane on top of everything else, and the R’s just merrily go along with it cause they’ve shown they’ll do anything for power. Good times.

On the home front, I’m having a TERRIBLE time getting motivated to get anything at all done today. I need to get the Christmas tree up – which also means I need to move all the houseplants in the front window. And some are too big for the little greenhouse, so I have to do some rearranging of the dining room shelves to make room for the big ones. And my damn brain is going, “AHHHH, MULTISTEP PROCESS, FUCK MEEEEEE!”

But, I do need to get things together because I have new things to add this year! Found this cute candy cane decoration at the holiday market yesterday:

Candy Cane decoration with red and white ribbons and green frosted leaves

And I also saw a Christmas ornament, which isn’t super “Christmas-y” but I saw it and thought, I MUST HAVE THAT ON MY TREE! And got closer and discovered they were earrings, so…I HAVE TWO FOR THE TREE!

Earrings that have a dragon on a crystal and a DND dice on them.

I have brought my headphones downstairs and they’re ready to go, but TASK INITIATION IS SO STUPIDLY HARD AND I HATE THAT MY BRAIN DOESN’T WORK RIGHT AND RESISTS IT AT EVERY TURN.

I know I’m not lazy, I know that I *do* care – and yet my brain is all, “oh no, it will be far more fun to have mental paralysis and feel bad instead of just prying myself off the sofa and knocking out my list.” THANKS, BRAIN.

OK, I’m gonna try to get some things done. We’ll see how it goes!

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