How is it Monday again?

I am not ready. It was not a restful weekend. I also realized that when I started consistently getting up at 6AM this spring, I never adjusted the timer on the thermostat, which would explain why it’s been so hard to get out of bed, cause IT’S COLD. Even Lily is burrowed down somewhere. (I saw her briefly at 5:30 and then she disappeared.)

I find it interesting that folks can shoot up substations in Moore County and knock out power to 40K people and it’s just being called vandalism. In Ukraine it’s being called a war crime and/or terrorism. Whether it was done because of the drag show, or just because they could – it was coordinated, and it is terrorism. If you have to worry about armed nutjobs taking out your power – it is terrorism.

So, good times in America, where you could get shot anytime you leave your house, or lose your power because of the same RWNJs and die of hypothermia or lack of operational medical equipment.

And on that cheery note, it’s time to go grind those gears for capitalism.

You hang in there – it’s a bit rough out there these days.

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4 Responses to How is it Monday again?

  1. Ashley says:

    Being raised in a Fun Religion (…), we were always required to keep about 4 weeks’ worth of supplies on hand for Armageddon. I’ve maintained that habit just because it’s a good practice, and I’m realizing now that the way humanity treats each other sometimes is the true Armageddon.

    So I’m glad I have all my water and batteries and whatnot, but I’m also really bummed that I’m starting to think this is what the ancients were talking about. We are the fire that occasionally rains down on our own kind.

    My cat gave me his patented wide-eyed look of shock when he saw me walking down the deck today, like, “You’re seriously going out in that cold?? Stay inside! There are blankies and Temptations!”

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yeah, I need to do a stock take and should be better about it if for no other reason, it’s winter and snow will be happening. I know we have a good supply of water, but I do need to up my game on some canned goods. Mmm, Spaghettios!

      I think Lily has forgiven me for the sin of the thermostat, but at least I know why she was in the living room smashed up against the heat register, LOL.

      • Ashley says:

        Aldi had these cool cat beds on sale where their own body heat turns the bed into a mega heater, plus they’re flannel-lined, so he’s been in hog heaven with that for a couple weeks now. I went back and got him a second one once I realized what a hit the first one was, and every once in a while I catch him giving them little love licks…if I see them in the Mystery Aisle again, I’ll have to grab one for Lily. :)

      • A Dreamer says:

        We have an Aldi here – I may have to steel myself and check it out. (Our Aldi is very…chaotic? Are they that way everywhere?)

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