It’s a grey, drizzly Saturday here

And WordPress has provided a writing prompt? No idea if that is new or I just never noticed it?

Screenshot of a blank WordPress page with "Add title" and "What are you feelings about eating meat?"

Well, WP, thanks! I like meat. Don’t have much more to say on the subject, LOL.

I’m hoping the rain will clear out as predicted so I can get over to the Christmas market today, but if not, at least it will also be open tomorrow and next weekend. It’s small, but outdoors and festive and smack in the historic district in Fairfax, and I figured out parking last year, so it’s actually easy to get to.

Plus it is right next to the old school hardware store that has great gadgety stocking stuffers and the TexMex place – and given that I’ve been watching the Taco Chronicles – I need some TexMex food. (It’s a great series, just don’t watch when you’re hungry.)

And somehow it’s taken the better part of two hours to write this, and the rain has stopped, so I’m off to the Christmas market.

You have a wonderful day!

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