Woohoo, half day Friday!

And I have NO afternoon obligations!

And I got some good news at work yesterday – I am getting promoted! And not into management/lead garbage, just the next level of me being me! Boss said it was well deserved thanks to my “great product knowledge and hard-working attitude”!

I don’t know about my “great product knowledge” – I just know shit, but I do bust my ass, even on my craptastic days, so I’m glad that got noticed. (She says on a “start late, leave early” day, LOL.)

Not sure what the money side of it is, but even without the promotion, we were told annual raises would be better this year – I do like my company, but they are stingy as fuck with the payroll – like, “this is why people quiet-quit” stingy. Maybe one of my MANY comments on that front in various surveys got through.

And in other good news for my bank account, my vision & dental reimbursement was approved, yay! Need to call again on the two damn acupuncture receipts where the AI picked up a non-existent provider. I guess that is my afternoon obligation, LOL. Worst case scenario, if I can’t get it fixed, my dental appointment next Friday will use up the last of my flex spending for the year. Yay?

Welp, time to go top off the coffee and get myself to 1PM and enjoy thee weekend!

You have a great day!

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1 Response to Woohoo, half day Friday!

  1. Ashley says:

    PROMOTION!!! Omg, I missed this — congratulations! You work so hard and I’m so glad that’s being recognized.

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