Well, it’s Cyber Monday!

And every online retailer I have ever shopped with is reminding me of this… Delete…delete…delete.

Foot is down to a vaguely annoying twinge at times, which is good, since today has been getting out and about for Amazon returns, and holiday goodies for my acupuncturist and ladies at my hair salon, cause it’s that time of year! (Thank you Picket Fence gift shop!)

Now I get to start calling insurance companies. Dental insurance to see if they actually forwarded the last claim to PayFlex, and if so, when. Medical to ask why they said they fixed the claim with the wrong provider name when they absolutely did not, and why they have not forwarded two other items to PayFlex. PayFlex to figure out who was supposed to send them the info from my eye exam, cause I can’t tell from looking at the 2019 claim who actually sent it to them – me or VSP. (I did at least find the detailed receipt from the eye doc, so that’s something.) That’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN. But I am in Bitch Better Have My Money mode, cause I am owed 4 freakin’ digits here and my patience is waning.

Realizing I should have gotten a nice bar of fancy chocolate for myself to steel myself for on hold hell. Leftover Halloween candy will have to do.

You have a great day!

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