What day is it anyway?

We have hit the point in the long weekend where I have to check my phone to figure out the day – and so you don’t have to check, I’ll let you know – it’s Saturday.

Foot is improving and I don’t see any trips to urgent care for it, so that’s a plus for the day. Those self stick ace bandages are fuckin’ money, I will say that – that little bit of extra support and compression is perfectly lovely, and you’re not hunting down those little metal clips that disappeared within seconds of opening the package.

While it is getting better, I am going to be staying off my feet as much as I can today, so no Small Business Saturday for me, but I’ll just make it a Small Business Monday instead and avoid the crowds. And the Christmas decorations will still be there in a few days time.

I do need to run out and gas up the car and get it washed and I am definitely having a case of “I don’t wannas” – and it’s not even my foot, it’s just plain ol’ I don’t wanna leave the house again, I’m comfy and cozy here on my couch. But, the “get to the damn gas station” light came on during the trip back from Starbucks, so I’d best get that done at some point today. I will be skipping the usual post-wash vacuuming of the car, though, cause I can’t do that sitting down, LOL.

I did ask Lily if she would handle the car for me, and she reminded me with that Lily-look that she doesn’t have a license and her feet can’t reach the pedals. But beyond that, I really think she’d be all over it for me.

And speaking of the LilyMonster, I must share this shot of her on Thanksgiving – I had just taken the turkey out of the oven and turned around and she was seriously contemplating leaping from her counter to where the turkey was – this was her face after being told to not even think about it. (She did get some turkey later.)

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, sitting on the counter, looking disgruntled after I told her she couldn't leap to the other counter and attack the turkey
You’re no fun.

Well, time to get my arse off the couch and get over to the gas station so I don’t run out halfway to Starbucks tomorrow, LOL.

You have a fantastic Saturday!

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