Happy Friday!

And Black Friday, no less… I hate what it’s become, and capitalism is shit, but we’re all stuck in this hellscape and if this is the only way you can get that special something for Christmas? Go for it. If you are working retail today – I love you and I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

I’m old enough to remember when it was just a busy shopping day – my brother & I used to hit the mall, do window shopping and grab lunch and hang out. These days, you couldn’t pay me money to go to a mall, Target, or Walmart today, even without a pandemic.

Foot is still a wee bit fucked, but definitely better than yesterday, so I am just going to stay the course with staying off my feet today and keeping it wrapped up to provide a bit of compression & support. Oh dear, no housecleaning today. Still have full range of motion and no swelling, I just bruised it good in an awkward spot. (I do need it to be really better by Monday, cause I do have some shopping to do, but that’s still soooo far away, LOL.)

And it did not impact Turkey day really at all – helps when the bulk of the day is “wait for turkey to brine” followed by “wait for turkey to roast” – and the turkey was AWESOME. So glad I found out about brining. And I *nailed* the carving to boot. (Thank you YouTube for that tutorial a few years back.)

A roasted turkey breast, waiting to be carved
I heart you too, turkey.

In the social media hellscape, things continue to be a clusterfuck. Twitter is apparently going to reinstate all the suspended accounts, and some RWNJ group has created a hitlist for mass reporting of “leftist” accounts. EM really did spend 44 billion dollars to have another Gab/Parler in a desperate attempt to be cool. Every time I watch Tesla shares take another dive, I laugh and laugh – I hope this absolutely bankrupts that man. Right now I am just blocking every advertiser, keep heavily curating my feed, and I figure every time I log on, it costs that jackass money.

I got into the post.news beta – it looks a bit like Twitter, but I have my doubts about a site that says “We have decided to let in many more people than we can handle operationally as build out our backoffice” – and there is something about it that I am not keen on that I can’t quite put my finger on – I think it just feels half-done. (Which, being in beta, it is, but I did get my username if nothing else.)

Hive is apparently two guys in a basement, Counter Social just doesn’t seem to be getting traction, and Tribel is just the Occupy Democrats grifters (and it looks just like Fb, and who needs that?)

So far, Mastodon is the winner for me when Twitter becomes non-functional. I may end up changing instances at some point, but right now the dustup between mastodon.social and a couple other instances who were talking about blocking them seems to have settled down. (I think m.s’ admin owning up to some moderation fuckups helped.)

As for the rest of my day, I am going to very literally put my feet up, occasionally hop over to the kitchen for turkey leftovers (got a big hunk already, LOL) and feel zero guilt over not being “productive” today.

You have a great day.

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