Happy Turkey Day!

I recommend you do *not* start your Turkey Day with having to google, “What is the C in RICE?”*  Some dumbass tripped and fucked up her right foot last night.  (I am the dumbass.)  I don’t think I broke anything, there’s no swelling, and I have full range of motion, I just nailed the top of my foot real good somehow when I went down.

I can hobble around OK, if I have my weight on my heel it’s totally fine, and I think most of all it just stiffened up while I slept, cause the more I gently move about, the less it bothers me.  Advil, ice, and ace bandages to the rescue. 

And having most of the Thanksgiving sides as “boil water, add stuff when the turkey comes out of the oven” – very helpful today.  If we did a “everything from scratch and on your feet in the kitchen all day” event, I’d be screwed, LOL. 

Little bro had said he will help out if needed, but I should be good, cause there isn’t actually a ton of standing to be done today.

Turkey is brining.  Cheese plate will come out at noon, and everything is already sliced up, so it’s legit just putting the cheese and sausages on the plate.  Bagel Dogs at 1, and that is just “put on cookie sheet, put in oven, take out of oven.”  Turkey goes in the oven at 3, out around 7, and that is when the dance really starts – but even then, it’s only 10-15 minutes?

Honestly, if you had told me 20 years ago that I’d be doing Thanksgiving dinners and it would not only not be stressful, but I would love it?  Even with a fucked up foot?  I am not sure I would have believed you — or I would have asked if we were getting takeout, LOL.

And yes, if my foot is still bothering me tomorrow, I will go to urgent care.  Just not today.

You have a wonderful day and may all your food be awesome.

*The C is for Compression.

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