Oof, looks like it’s gonna be an adulting Sunday

So much to get caught up on around the house and so little desire to do any of it.

And I’m realizing I need to run up to the store, because it is humidifier season again and I have no vinegar for the weekly cleaning. (It was floating around in my head yesterday when I ran errands, but it never got written down, so…)

The not helpful part of my brain is just “you could do the bare minimum and that can be enough” which is 100% true, but I really should get more done than just that.

And what I am in fact doing is sitting here and overthinking all of it, when what I really need to do is just a) go to the store and get that out the way, then b) change into not-jeans, put on my headphones and tunes and just go to town on the list.

OK, time to go adult. You have a great Sunday!

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