Yay, it’s Caturday!

And all the Turkey day shopping is done, except for the one currently unknown item I have forgotten and will be picking up at 9AM Thanksgiving day, LOL. Turkey pickup is Wednesday and it’s gonna be more expensive, but honestly, not having to go to 5 different shops like last year is so, so worth it.

And we have ALL THE CHEESES! Australian smoked cheddar, smoked gouda, garlic herb cheddar, orange & fig goat cheese, balsamic bella vitano, and garlic herb bella vitano. And for the cured meats part, we have two types of salami and Hickory Farms summer sausage, and some venison summer sausage I found at the butcher shop. And OMG, the dippy things – three mustards, maple BBQ sauce, bacon onion jam, plum chutney, and orange-fig jam, and fig preserves. Plus I will be making cheesy ranch bacon dip.

It is going to take a lot of self restraint to not break into the cheeses early. The goat cheese is a totally new one this year – could be great, could be awful, we’ll see! And if it’s awful, we have plenty of other cheese. 🥰

We also have tiny pies!!! And whipped cream and ice cream to go on top!

Three tiny pie boxes - pumpkin, apple, and pecan

I’ve still got to go out and run a few more errands and then get some housework done, but I honestly just want to park myself on the sofa all day… Well, I’ll at least get the errands done, LOL.

And it wouldn’t be Caturday without Lily, who was SO VERY UPSET AND MISSED ME SO MUCH when I went for coffee this morning.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, sitting on the floor, looking up at me

You have an awesome day.

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