Gooooooooood morning!!

I am extra chipper this morning because I am off work until next Tuesday, YAY!

Many good things about being out of support, but being able to take my PTO whenever is so very nice – day before Thanksgiving is going to be a permanent thing. I don’t have a ton of prep work to do for tomorrow, but the fact that I won’t be doing it after work when all tired out – well, that’s not nothing.

The other good news is that I don’t have a ton of running around to do today – pick up the turkey (butcher shop doesn’t open until 10AM – so very reasonable) and hit the grocery store for a couple little things. Then it’s just do a quick clear up in the kitchen (yay for the shelves I got for the dining room so if nothing else, things have a place to be moved to) and slice up the cheese and sausages and make up the cheesy ranch bacon dip. Nothing egregious at all, but so much better to not be starting it at 6PM.

And I got a neat thing for the cheese plate tomorrow! In years past, I’ve just put down a cookie sheet with ice packs under it to keep things cold, and it worked OK, but I wondered if there was something better and looked around on Amazon and yes, there is something better! The ice sheet in the mat comes out and it’s flexible and rolls up so it fit easily in the freezer!

A fabric mat with an ice sheet insert for keeping things cold on counters

I also may have gotten a couple cute fall themed ceramic rectangular platters at the grocery store which will fit perfectly on the ice mat… (The fact that I do *not* have a ton of holiday themed ceramics is a miracle, cause I am a sucker for that cute shit.)

In what I can only describe as a moment of personal growth – I am not doing the lorazepam thing for the dentist – though it sounded great at the time, I realized I was becoming more and more uncomfortable with the entire idea (like REALLY uncomfortable) and it dawned on me that I could just…change my mind. Nitrous oxide can be a little hit or miss for me, but the devil you know and all that. AND – I didn’t even explain myself to the dentist’s office other than “I realized I’m not comfortable with it” and they were “OK, cool.” (Honestly, I blame a lack of recreational drug use in my youth, and the fact that the two times I took something before an appointment, one completely backfired and the other did nothing. Makes one a bit leery of things.)

Welp, time to go get the turkey and do all the things to be ready for EAT ALL THE THINGS DAY tomorrow!

You have a great day and I hope your prep work today is easy!

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