Goooooooood morning!

And it’s a happy half day Friday in these parts, which means hitting the snooze button a few more times, starting a bit late (cause working 6 hours on what should be a 4 hour day is dumb) and leaving at 1PM, YAY.

And today is the big Turkey Day shop! Made far less stressful by already having the turkey breast on order from the butcher shop, whew.

Love how two days before the World Cup, FIFA & Qatar do a 180 on alcohol sales in the stadiums. Probably a healthy decision in general – but interesting that the decision was made at a point where no one can change their plans…cause you know if they’d announced this from the start, it would have affected ticket sales.

And fuck this administration for giving MBS a pass on murder.

And Twitter – somehow it is still loading this morning! I feel so bad for anyone left working there – I think the only people who haven’t bailed must be folks on visas or tied by health insurance. There are probably a few Musk bootlickers left, but I can’t imagine many. And the Tesla folks who are getting dragged into this – and I am SURE it is not at all voluntary.

I mean, if I was given the choice of a doubled workload with no remote work and three months severance – well, I’d be hitting the bricks. And apparently EM is telling folks that he “knows how to win” so they should stay and be winners – not exactly a compelling argument. Amazing how he has managed to gut the place in under a month. Idiot. People hanging up on the conference call yesterday…HAHAHAHAHAHA.

And last night some tech bro was all “Dude, me and some of the SV guys can come over and help you with your infra” – like EM got chucked out by his girlfriend and suddenly needs a truck to move his shit and a couch to sleep on.

If the site somehow limps through the weekend, the World Cup will definitely take it down. And it’s sad, because Twitter was a cool place. Imperfect and needed improvement, but it certainly didn’t deserve this.

You have a great day and go get that last tweet in while you can. :)

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