Happy Halloween!

Employers, you should let everyone go home a few hours early today. Even people that don’t have kids, cause they give out candy, too.

Very happy to see that enough people in Brazil decided that fascism is shit and they don’t want it. Worried about violence down there, but still glad to see they’re showing Bolsinaro the door.

Meanwhile, the BBC is interviewing PA voters and JFC, the US electorate is so goddamn ignorant. No, the President didn’t cause worldwide inflation. No, he didn’t abandon Americans for Ukraine. No, you will NOT have access to abortion if R’s win.

Yes, inflation truly fucking sucks and there is a lot wrong with this country – but the Republicans are certainly not going to even TRY to fix it, and I wish folks would stop kidding themselves about that.

Welp, time to go get a jump on the day so I can give out candy. You have a good day.

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