No Sunday Scaries here

Mostly because I overdid it yesterday, and slept for shit and as such, I am too tired to care about work, LOL.

The most critical Halloween task is done and that is getting alllll the little grab bags together. It started in 2020 as an easy way to get the kids the candy safely. But the, “Wait, you mean I get A WHOLE BAG?” reactions – I will do this forever. All the bags have FIVE pieces of candy – and we’ve got gluten/nut-free bags to boot.

I did forget glow sticks this year, booooo. But I think the kids will walk away happy.

I don’t take Halloween particularly seriously for myself (and I will always find it a bit weird how adults go batshit this time of year) – but I will damn well make sure the kids have good candy and more than they need, LOL.

The second most critical Halloween item will be done today – and that is the soup. It’s not Halloween without a pot of veggie-beef soup. And that is easier to make today than tomorrow.

And now I have to try and pry myself off the couch and get things done…

You have an excellent Sunday!

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