Last night was…ugly. Just, oof. I’d say my Padres looked like the Bad News Bears out there, but honestly, they made the BNB look like a well oiled machine at times.

Not to say the Phillies did’t have their issues – they gave up 4 runs in the first inning. But we couldn’t capitalize on that. It’s painful watching our pitching get better and better over the course of the season – to the point where it is quite good – and then just have a collapse like that, well, it hurts.

The Phillies are a great team this season, and we just can’t afford to have games like that. Let’s all cross our fingers and toes that they get it together today.

No matter what happens today – we’ve gotten farther in the season than we have in 24 years. Bob Melvin should have a job next year for sure. It’s been a really fun season – it’s great when your team wins! The Phillies are a hell of a good team and this has been a hard fought series. (Fuck, is there anything Castellanos *can’t* catch?!)

Even with yesterday’s admittedly terrible game, I think we have had a damn good season, especially when you consider the godawful seasons we’ve had in the past.

And it’s not over yet! Let’s crush the Phillies today, tomorrow, and Tuesday and go on to destroy the Astros. It could happen! That’s the great thing about baseball – it *could* happen!

Have a great day!

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2 Responses to Ouuuuuch

  1. Ashley says:

    I am keeping all appendages crossed that we will somehow be rooting against each other in a Padres-Yankees World Series!

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