I am on FIRE this morning!

I’ve already made the coffee run, hit the grocery store for the stuff I forgot yesterday, picked up my new glasses, and the laundry is going!

Sadly, the Padres lost last night – so all the gear is in the wash to get the losing game cooties off. They didn’t play badly, and it at least wasn’t a blowout – the Phillies are just damn good. (Which is why they are in the playoffs!) Little worried about Soto, sometimes it seems like he has a case of the yips, which ain’t great. But – the team is more than any one player, and we’ve shown that this year.

Eye appointment went well. Retinas look fantastic, my vision in my right eye is unchanged since 2019, and my left eye is actually a touch better! And I managed to at least pick regular frames they had in stock, so I was able to have those today. I didn’t hate my old frames at all, but I really like these – little narrower left to right and wider top to bottom, and tortoiseshell! And not the most expensive ones on the shelf!

And I can’t help but keep putting them on this morning and looking around going, “Yes, very nice and sharp!” Really looking forward to the new sunglasses, cause my old ones are scratched all to hell at this point, so seeing clearly while doing little things like, IDK, driving will be good.

Mind you, new, clear, clean glasses do not improve being scatterbrained – I stood up for some reason and then completely forgot that I was in the middle of writing this and went off to do housework, LOL. But hey, all the housework is done for today, too!

You have a great Saturday.

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