Welp, season’s over

But the Padres had a hell of a season and other than that one disaster of a game Saturday – they played competitively in the postseason, and I can’t be mad about that. And my buddy Matt who is a huge Phillies fan – he got to be at the game yesterday, and honestly – I’m so happy he got to see that. I hope the Phillies just destroy the Astros.

And as my brother pointed out – we are the reason the Dodgers watched from home, and I love that for us.

I think Clevenger and Nola don’t come back next year. Manea – I’d like to keep him and make him a middle reliever. He’d be good at it, it’s just that I don’t think the postseason was the time to try that for the first time.

And that 2:30 game was great in that I had a couple beers towards the end and I was in bed at 8:15 PM and slept for many, many hours and woke up before my alarm this morning, LOL. Those night games are hell on an old east coast fan of a west coast team.

And outside of baseball, yesterday was great cause I got all my shit done around the house AND made two batches of roasted potatoes, so between that and the chili I made Saturday – guess who doesn’t have to cook for a couple days?!

And I got up so freakishly early that I’ve still got another half hour before I have to log on and try to remember what my job is – that is a sign of a successful weekend with no Sunday Scaries.

So, time to go refill the coffee and get all my brain cells facing the same direction. You have a great week!

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