Wait mode half conquered!

Got my ass up to the grocery store! We have everything we need for chili tomorrow night!

And of course, some dumbass hadn’t had anything to eat before leaving the house and her blood sugar bottomed out about 2 minutes after she entered the market, so the trip was spent powering through the desire to sit down, cry, and throw up all at the same time. (It me. I am the dumbass.)

So, I’m now sitting down and having a snack, and as soon as I’m feeling a little less…whatever this is, I get to hit the shower. Because of course, I am all sweaty and a bit gross. (Not helping was the fact that the grocery store was very cold and I swear my body was trying to make up for it on top of everything else.)

While I go to the grocery store all the time these days, I am still not 100% comfortable with it (yes, the pandemic has done a number on me) – I still occasionally have to take a few minutes in the car to fully collect myself after the shopping is done, so this made today extra fun. Even though I *knew* the reason I was feeling off was because I hadn’t eaten, it still feels like I’m careening towards a panic attack, which suuuuuuucks.

But, I got through it. Reminded myself repeatedly even though it felt a bit panic attack-y, it was a lack of food. Mind you, the second I cleared the doors and was outside it was MASK OFF, DEEP BREATHS! And I took a couple minutes in the car to just chill.

What it all really comes down to is that brains and bodies are crap and whoever did the QC for them did a terrible job.

But, some cheese and crackers and a bit of chocolate has righted the ship for the moment.

If you haven’t eaten yet today, don’t be like me – go get a snack!

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