It’s a remote start morning!

38º out there this morning, brrrr! And that was at 9AM. Seems early in the season for it, but IDK, time is broken.

I’m a bit worried about my Padres this evening playing in Philly – I hope they remembered their long sleeved shirts – going from 90º to the mid-50s is a bit of a shock to the system. But they’re tough!

I still am happily shocked at their last game. Snell had a terrible second inning, and our defense was awful there for a while, and our bats were ice cold. And then in bottom of the 5th, they all finally showed up to play, and boy howdy, did they do it. Nothing like going from down by 4 runs to turning it around and winning 8-5. Damn heart attack kids.

Not helping all this is that the Phillies…well, they’re kinda good, LOL. If y’all could have a big ol’ end of season collapse, that would be great.

No matter how this series ends though, this has been an AWESOME season, and we’ve showed everyone we’re not a one or two man team here.

I have today off work, and I’m gonna get a very overdue eye check this afternoon – last time I saw them was 2019. Well, in 2020 it didn’t seem like a good idea to be in a small room with other people, and then…time just got away from me. I need to remember to get a copy of whatever my new prescription is so I can look into some cheap backups from Zenni or somewhere.

Of course, my appointment is at 3PM. It is 10:30 now. Guess who’s brain has already gone into “Wait Mode”?? Rationally, I know 4 1/2 hours is more than enough time to do the grocery shopping and get all the dailies knocked off my to do list. But that “wait mode” part of my brain is going, “You’re gonna end up being all rushed by the time your appointment comes around!!”

I have at least gotten my Covid test done – negative, yay, and ordered more test kits AND uploaded the receipt to my insurance!

And now I am gonna put on my shoes, tell Wait Mode to STFU, and get the marketing done.

You have a fantastic Friday!!

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