How is it Monday already??

I’m very bleary eyed this morning despite getting to bed at a reasonable hour. My subconscious is apparently worried about the designated hitter rule in the postseason. (Why, I don’t know, because all leagues have a DH now.)

But, I’ve got a short week, get paid, and we’ve got some more Padres baseball, and they’re not all 9PM starts! If we can win by Sunday night, I’m only looking at one night game with work the next morning. Go Padres so I can get sleep!!

The rest of the world is an utter shitshow, so honestly, having this bright spot of my team doing well – it’s really nice.

And they helped me forget work so completely, I have no idea what I’m working on today, LOL.

Time to go figure out what my job is. You have a great day!

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