So, that happened!



Seriously, it was wild. We were down 3-0, which isn’t insurmountable, but I will admit I was thinking, “Well, at least we have another game tomorrow.” And then in the bottom of the 7th, everything went happily batshit insane and we scored FIVE runs. And then Robert Suarez and Josh Hader did excellent work in keeping LA from scoring again and HOLY SHIT WE DID IT, WE BEAT THE DODGERS!!

Padres Twitter happily lost its mind, and we got lots of shots of a shirtless Manny Machado, which was just icing on the cake.

And the thing is, this wasn’t a fluke. We didn’t just get lucky in a single play in game – 5 game series and we won 3 of 4. Our pitching and bullpen has been fantastic and while our bats weren’t super hot – things have just really come together well for the Padres at the right time.

Dodgers fans on Twitter are understandably not happy. Yesterday, there was an LA Times columnist who wrote a very “woe is me, oh the pain and disappointment of loss” column. Hi Padres fan here! Yes, losing sucks! Trust me, we know!! The pain is not unique to being a Dodgers fan!

And a lot of “LA has collapsed in 9 of 10 years” – um, I looked. 10 seasons. 10 postseasons. Three trips to the World Series, and one World Series win. No one is gonna win the WS 10 years in a row – hell, I think just getting that far 3 seasons out of 10 is pretty good. But, IDK, we’ve only been in the postseason 7 times since 1984…

And I won’t lie, I’m glad they won in 4 games and we all have tonight off – these west coast night games are a killer – regular season, I will give in and go to bed when the games run really late, but I just can’t do that right now!

Next is the Phillies, and I’m hoping maybe they’ll shoot for a happy medium on scheduling – 4PM games in San Diego and 7PM games in Philly maybe?? Then we can all be in bed before midnight, LOL.

A good buddy of mine is a huge Phillies fan, so the series is gonna be a little awkward, but, I’ll power through it.

You have yourself a great Sunday, and oh, go Guardians!!

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