Gooooood morning!!


Snell’s pitch count still worries the hell out of me, but he was solid and our bullpen was on point. Our bats were kinda cold, but we got 2 runs and that’s all we needed. My lord, these games are exciting and stressful! Cause, I hate to say it, the Dodgers are kinda good. And I am so happy our guys are really stepping up and making the D’s WORK.

I don’t remember the 2020 playoffs being this stressful, but 2020 was all weird and broken, so…

And my postseason t-shirt arrived while the Padres were still in it all!!

T-shirt with a baseball diamond and the San Diego logo that says Postseason 2022
It’s a lucky shirt now!

Good times, y’all, good times.

Have yourself a fantastic Saturday, and I hope your team wins, too. (Unless it’s the Dodgers, and well, you understand.)

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