WOOHOO, YOU MADE IT! Padres beat the Dodgers on Wednesday and hoo boy was that stressful and exhausting! And they play again tonight AT HOME!!!! Petco Park is gonna be NUTS.

So, work fun and games, we’re doing a feature where it’s basically just a bunch of label changes when it comes down to it – no new screens/apps, just literally some on screen changes to existing apps. And when we test new features, we do a demo to show it’s working and the changes. On these, product management has said quick screenshots will be fine – old screen/new screen screenshot, circle the changes. Which is great, cause it makes things easier and WAY faster.

But last night, I get third hand from my folks on the other side of the world that the product manager wants a full video demo for one screen I tested. Huh? A full demo video to say, “this label changed”? It makes zero sense, I said so, and I said that I would talk directly to the PM today because it just makes no sense whatsoever. The PM saw the screenshots I had posted in Teams and didn’t say anything about it – and she KNOWS she can come directly to me and ask for more details if she needs them.

And I think I insulted them by not just going along with it, LOL.

And in other Friday fun, I get to spend the first ~2 1/2 hours of my day today doing support’s job… This case, OMG, the analyst should have been able to handle it or escalate it to a senior support person, but somehow they got someone to sign off on sending it to dev/QC/me.

I haven’t done anything fancy – just dug through the data, and it’s calculating correctly – based on bad historical data the client got into the system. (Garbage in, garbage out!) Tell client to fix bad data. They did, say it’s still not calculating correctly, so this morning I will be going through the newest data and $1 says it is calculating correctly. All of this could have – and should have – been handled by support, but instead I’m spending hours on it. Hmph.

But, hopefully this morning I can get that off my plate, find out what the PM actually wants, get off work on time, AND WATCH THE PADRES!!!!

You have a fantastic Friday and GO PADRES!!!!!!

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