Another good day to stay in and eat

Which is what I did yesterday, LOL. Seriously, I just ate all day long. And it was great.

Another great thing – my Padres may very well make the playoffs!!!! Our magic number is ONE*. We have four games left and just have to win ONE to get into the wildcard.

And honestly, if you’d asked me a few weeks ago if we would make the playoffs, I would have said no – they just were not playing well at all. But damn, the game last night? Solid, clean baseball. Mike Clevenger looked fantastic – he totally shook off one run in the first inning and went 6 innings with a 66 pitch count. Our bullpen held things together just the way they should. Defensively – no mistakes, no sloppy plays. And our bats were good – can’t be upset at 5 runs.

And we have a 4PM game today, so I don’t have to go to bed halfway through it, and we could actually make the playoffs today! And yes, I will absolutely buy a postseason t-shirt if we make it.

And now, I am gonna rest up for the game. :) (Why lie to myself and say I’m gonna get things done?)

You have a restful and lovely Sunday.

* I have to take the words of Those Who Know when it comes to this time of year, because it’s gets very, “Well, we win, and this team loses, and this other team wins” and it’s more than I can keep track of without a very elaborate spreadsheet, so I just leave it to The Experts.

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