So, good news, I saw a dog today!

Saw my new buddy Willow the Swiss Mountain Dog at Starbucks again this morning. Her person popped his head out of Starbucks and asked, “Oh is she bothering you?” AS IF! Told him I’d met her last week and I wanted to think she remembered me – he said she probably did. She is such a big, sweet pupper and we had a lovely time hanging out while her person got his coffee and her pup cup.

I miss having a dog – I do not miss being in charge of a dog. Being in charge of a dog is a bit like having a toddler, whereas a cat is more like having a teenager.

The weather is a bit crap already, no rain at the moment, but cold and damp and gross, and this afternoon Ian’s leftovers will be showing up in earnest. Good weekend to hunker down and eat things with lots of melted cheese on them, tell yourself that you’re going to get things done around the house while not getting things done around the house, and general navel-gazing, which I am VERY good at.

Though Covid is apparently over (HA!), we still seem to be plagued with some supply chain issues – Lily’s prescription gooshy food is out of stock, ACK. We’ll be finding out if she likes the “Ocean Fish” flavor this coming week. (The good news is we have plenty of her dry food, so she’s certainly not going to starve.) I do appreciate that Chewy just said, “You can reply to this email with what you’d like to substitute” rather than having to call in. It’s not that they aren’t great on the phone, but an email is just quicker and easier, and I could put a link in to the food to order.

Well, I’m gonna go probably not get things done around the house and just have a restful afternoon – you have a great day and stay safe and dry.

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