And apparently we didn’t actually need to win one more game as long as the Brewers lost last night and they did, so – postseason here we come!!

And I got a couple t-shirts and MLB shop is terrible and one will get here Oct 18 and the other Oct 24… Come on, y’all – you had the website updated with the postseason merch within minutes of the Brewers loss, you know the postseason comes around every year, the players had their shirts, the team store at the stadium had them – you do know there are fans *not* at the games, right?

I didn’t expect them to ship last night, but this time of year, the fulfillment staff should get bulked up because the playoffs happen every single year.

Hopefully they’re just sandbagging *hard* on estimated times and I’ll have one of them before we play and/or we don’t get knocked out immediately and we’ll still have some playing time by the time I have them.

Those kids are gonna have such a painful game tonight, cause they’re gonna be hungover as fuck.

And my ass *feels* hungover this morning despite only having one beer to celebrate last night, so this morning is gonna be a slog, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

You have a great day and I hope your team wins, too.

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