Whew, it’s my Friday

And not a second too soon – I think I used up ALL my self control yesterday, LOL.

Did not pick a fight with the director of engineering, even though I’m right and it IS a defect.

And when my team lead decided the best way to get around our capacity issues was to micromanage it… I did at least gently talk him down from “let’s have a meeting every day” to “how about I email you at the end of the day, I can let you know what I worked on and the plan for the next day.”

Though maybe he’ll finally understand why I say you can say something is going to take 6 hours because that’s all the time on your spreadsheet – it doesn’t mean that task will actually take 6 hours.

I mean, just yesterday, one thing he had 2 hours for – took 5 hours, another 1 hour – took 2 hours. And a feature budgeted for 7 hours, I’ve already done 8 hours found 4 bugs and I’m only halfway done.

We’ve gone round and round on time estimates and the fact that they’re consistently too low, but it goes in one ear and out the other, so I have kinda given up. But I’m also not gonna compromise the quality of my work so I can say “oh I did it in less time than was estimated!”

I also can’t help but wonder if he’s doing this to my US partner in crime as well or if I’m on some weird secret surveillance plan cause I won’t work on something for 10 hours and say it only took 5.

You’re not gonna quiet fire my ass just because I am realistic about my speed of work. All my shit gets done when it needs to get done, and that’s all that matters.

You have a great day and don’t pick any unnecessary fights. :-D

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