OK, BBC, time for other news

They’re still covering the Queen’s funeral this morning. Time to start moving on.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has heard “we won’t have another Queen in our lifetime” one time too many and is plotting her reign of terror to get to the throne.

And I know funerals aren’t fashion shows, but my god, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was IMPECCABLE. Harry absolutely married up.

And one last note on the funeral – if you’re gonna have a slew of young, very in shape, Royal Navy guys haul your coffin all over town, you should have them half naked and greased up, please.

On the domestic front, the President declared the pandemic over while also saying Covid is still a problem. My dude, if Covid is still a problem, THEN THE PANDEMIC ISN’T OVER. I swear, I am never gonna get to comfortably eat inside a restaurant again.

I mean, if saying it was over ended it, I could have ended this 921 days ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I am doing my best to live around Covid, but if you have to do a risk assessment every time you leave the house – it’s not over.

So, mask up, find a patio for lunch, be safe, and have a good day.

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