What a difference an equinox makes!

It’s like Mother Nature flipped a switch and it’s suddenly properly fall out there. Perfect jeans and hoodie weather and it should be a fantastic day to be down on the river for the arts & crafts fair tomorrow.

I have scored another negative Covid test this morning, so I am good for my haircut today and fair tomorrow! And despite school starting up again, our county case counts are still dropping! I’m still getting my updated booster on Sunday, but this is good.

Still crazy that since I got the first round of Covid shots, we’ve only had 68 days when we were in a low/moderate transmission status in the county – and that is with 77.9% of everyone in the county being fully vaccinated. I will forever and ever be salty over the fact that transmission prevention wasn’t a bigger part of vaccine development given that all structural mitigations were dropped the second they became widely available.

And I still LOVE how the CDC is talking out both side of its face saying our “Community Levels” are “Low” because hey, you can get a hospital bed with no problem, but our “Community Transmission” is HIGH. Those fuckers really forgot that the last C means Control.

But, I’ll just keep working around it as best I can. Got myself the BIG box o’ N95’s so I don’t feel like I have to ration them and can dump them as soon as the elastics get too stretchy, and I still use them anytime I’m indoors. Take out & patio seating. Outdoor fairs!

I just really miss eating inside in restaurants, and we don’t have much patio time left this season.

You have a great Friday and keep being safe.

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