Well, that’s awful news to see first thing in the morning

Our piece of shit hateful bigoted fascist Governor is rolling back protections for transgender students.

I genuinely don’t know what the fuck is wrong with this man, but a big ol’ FUCK YOU to every media outlet that just treated him as the businessman in a vest – how goofy! – and never challenged him on anything, and another FUCK YOU to every jackass that voted for him, and a final FUCK YOU to Dems for running Terry McAulifffe.

The ACLU of Virginia is already all over it. and there will be a comment period starting September 26, and you can bet I’ll have some things to say about this. I am so fucking sick of the Republicans doing nothing but hurting people, and how much they LOVE doing it.

And then the whole thing with DeSantis and the asylum seekers he dumped in Martha’s Vineyard… The folks of MV did a wonderful job of making sure everyone was safe and fed and taken care of on zero notice. And because they dared to admit they didn’t have the resources to make it permanent, and the folks were then taken to Joint Base Cape Cod – the R’s are going, “See, they’re just as bad!” The fuck?

Don’t ever tell me the two parties are the same.

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