You made it!

Another Friday! Well done!! And I don’t know about you, but the week totally whipped by for me.

Today’s fun is testing a new feature, which is gonna suck, cause I’m working off nothing but a design document, a 2 hour kickoff meeting that did not actually discuss the feature itself, and no dev demos. And it’s one of the most complicated screens I work with, and supposedly will only take me 2 days.

I did go 10 rounds yet again with the team lead on these estimates – part of it was a half hour budgeted for doing a post testing demo. I have told him until I am blue in the face that it takes longer than that, and he says he gets it, but… I told him he didn’t have to change the estimates, but to know, it will take longer.

The long and short of it with these features is that we’re trying to fit 20 pounds of shit into a 10 pound sack, timewise, and the time estimates are being done based on the time we have, not the time we actually need. You can say something will take 16 hours, but if that is just based on how much time you think is available, well, you see the problem.

I was told we can move some of the testing to the spring if needed, but I don’t see how kicking the can down the road helps, but that’s just me.

Oh, and on a hilarious note, I was asked if I wanted to volunteer in Q4 to help develop curriculum for our learning paths/professional development. Um, no. Beyond the fact that I have no time, and this should be HR/training doing this – my personal professional development has been “go where the work is, and learn by doing” so, not exactly my wheelhouse.

If you’re thinking that I’ve not taken my career development seriously over the last 30 years – you’d be right. For me, every step has just been another job, cause I gotta pay the bills. If the job doesn’t totally suck – that’s a bonus.

Well, time to go test the thing and figure out how long it’s REALLY gonna take.

You have a fantastic Friday!!

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