On a more pleasant note

I spent several hours today at Mount Vernon for their fall market fair, and spent a good long time taking a wander through the gardens. Got some nice soaps and fancy mustards and a nice “over the doorknob” basket for the basement door where I can put my brother’s mail. There was also a bakery tent and I got some goodies to take home – chocolate croissant and a prosciutto cheese croissant, and a couple potato leek tarts. I also got little bro a teeny 50ml bottle of George Washington’s rye whiskey.

And the Mount Vernon Inn had it’s patio open and there was no wait for seating, so I had myself a nice sit down lunch, and that was a real treat. If you’re ever there, I can highly recommend the short rib sliders.

All in all, a lovely way to spend a few hours and if Covid ever abates enough to be indoors without a mask again, totally going to one of the whiskey tastings.

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