Someone is in goblin mode this morning…

Woke my brother up at 5:50, woke me up at 6 right before my alarm, belly rubs and bunny kicks, and tear-assing around in general, then pretending like nothing happened. I’m putting this square on the fact that we’ve got a bit of a fall chill in the air in the mornings.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, laying on the floor like everything is totally normal
What? I’m just sitting here.

The thorn in my side that I’ve been testing is done! What a pain in the ass that was and I’m glad to have that in the rear view mirror. I said at this start, this one is gonna need time and care, and boy howdy it did.

Now, I’m going to go have a nice, calm day where I find no issues anywhere with anything and I can start and finish something without having to send it back to dev.

Hope springs eternal and all that, LOL.

You have a fantastic day!

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