Wheeeeee Wednesday!

OK, it sounded better in my head, LOL. I’m still a bit loopy since a certain kitty felt it was VERY IMPORTANT to wake me up 10 minutes before my alarm – I guess she know’s it’s FML meeting Wednesday.

The thing I’ve been testing – no issues yesterday, YAY! And a day extension on getting it done, YAY! This thing has been a pain the ass and I’ll be happy to put it in the rear view window.

I keep wanting to put together a proper template that covers ALL THE THINGS I can reuse over and over to test this particular app – I just haven’t been able to find the damn time to do it. Theoretically, I could reuse the one I’m using now, but because it had formulas dumped on it at the last minute, it’s all out of logical-to-me order. (When I started testing this bit, I had 6 formulas, then my coworker went on PTO and it was still broken, so I had to pick up the bits she had been working on.)

There are lots of times I can reuse other templates for the app, but it may be worth it to take a few hours and just do it so I have a *really good* master template – the app is certainly going to have to be tested yet again. There’s another app that I think is going to need it, too – I should probably consider that, too…

Look at my dumb ass creating more work for myself, LOL.

Well, time to go do the thing to make the money to feed the furry alarm clock.

You have a great day.

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