Happy Thursday!

And it’s my Friday and it’s gonna be a loooong one.

Yesterday, the thing I was testing… Had a C = A – B thing, it wasn’t working. B = X – Y – Z. Well, Y & Z were missing from the equation. Took me forever to figure that out. And it wasn’t until that was fixed that I could clearly see that X was wrong as well, cause X is made up of 4 items and one was missing.

But I figured it out! Before a client found it! And before anyone else did, either! But I could still feel the “ughhhh” reaction from the other side of the world. But I’m not the only one testing this, and no one else found it so I am not gonna feel bad about that. Yes, I slowed down the process, but this is why we also can’t rush through this stuff.

But it also means today is gonna be re-testing, wheeeee. But at least my setups are done, and I won’t be reinventing the wheel on that point.

Yesterday morning I also got assigned some feature stuff out of nowhere – even the scrum lead was, “Uh, where did this come from?” and I was “fuck if I know” – and of course, I’ve had zero involvement in this feature, I have no idea what the tasks actually involve, except that it’s supposedly 16 hours, which means it’s likely gonna be more like 40. Before I do anything, I have to go find the Teams thread on the feature and see if there is a demo video or something so I can see what on earth I am trying to test here. I have a very basic idea of what the feature is – but no detailed knowledge that would actually be helpful. And because I haven’t been involved in it at all up until now, I haven’t been in any of the meetings up to now.

Well, time to go knock it all out so I can enjoy the weekend. You have a great day!

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