Fair Winds and Following Seas, Liz

To start, let’s fully acknowledge that the British Empire and Colonialism are shit and the monarchy should probably be relegated to fairy tales.

But, I’m a bit bummed about Queen Elizabeth. Not devastated, just more of a bit sad, “Oh.” I think more than anything is that during my 50 years on this planet, she has been a constant – my brother is a close second, but there were 4 years where he didn’t even exist and she was still the Queen. I guess that no matter what, she was always the Queen and it was hard to imagine otherwise.

Also, her coat, hat and brooch game were always ON POINT.

I can also understand why there are a fair amount of folks out there who aren’t particularly broken up about it – and if you can’t, you need to expand your world view just a bit.

I do have a weird fascination with monarchy in general – I guess it’s the pageantry and rules and tiaras and whatnot. I mean, there is a lot to be said for having all the protocols laid out in death, with an entire staff telling you where to go, what to do, what to sign, and it’s all taken care of. That would have been nice all the times I have had death rudely interrupt life.

But, back to my commoner life.

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