Happy Hump Day

My day is already booked with ~2 1/2 hours of meetings and attempting to cram 5 days of work into 3 days this week, WHEEEEEE.

The good news is that the thing that was dumped on me yesterday to re-test by tomorrow is one of those things that starts slow as hell, but once I get a few rounds of data processed and dumped into my “are these numbers right for these formulas” spreadsheet and get it tweaked for the various scenarios, it goes really fast. It’s just those first few rounds that take FOREVER, and I’m still in that slow part.

I had half the formulas already setup, which helps – but the other person who had the other half is on PTO this week, so I’m stuck with those, too and those are all being annoying and fighting me, LOL.

Plus there was a “hey, can you replicate this?” thing yesterday and I have to look at that this morning, couldn’t even make my brain switch gears yesterday afternoon. Might be something I can do during meetings today. (Remote work with no video FTW.)

But it’s all good, cause I get paid tomorrow, I have Friday off, our case counts have dropped under 200 a day, and then we start FOUR WEEKENDS OF FALL ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIRS!!

But first, time to go slog through numbers. You have a fantastic day.

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