Why is it so early?!?!

I mean, I get how time works and all, BUT STILL.

Went 10 rounds with the team lead yesterday and won, so I’m probably higher on his shit list than usual, LOL. But, you can’t send out a plan to deal with the shit hitting the fan a full day after said plan was desperately requested and then upend it two hours later and not expect people to get cranky. We got him to un-upend everything and things are on back on track.

We were laughing by the end of the call, but I was very cranky for a bit. And I know he’s getting some blowback from the scrum lead over what has to be prioritized, but we have to fix the stuff the clients are using *now* before we worry about the next version. And if we rush through it, and people work too much – things get missed and mistakes get made and then we have more work on the current version. In short, we can’t do the hours we did this past spring – I flat out told him that wrecked me.

Well, off for the FML meetings and lord help me, probably defend the team lead, LOL.

You have a great day, and in a few short hours, we’ll be on the downhill side of the week – with a holiday weekend!

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