OK, the plan was “start early”

But like, my usual up between 6-630 and start at 7-730 early. Not wake up at 0530 just because. Can’t even blame Lily, she was happily snoozing when I rolled over and was just, “Oh, guess I’m up.”

Speaking of the LilyMonster, she is showing a tiny bit of her age. Nothing terrible, just noticed this weekend a tiny bit of grey on her tail, one white whisker, and she’s doing a lot of math making the jump from the little table next to the dresser up to the dresser for her water & snacks in the bedroom.

So, I moved the food & water down to the little table. (It used to be there, I think Moxley must have been eating it so I moved it at some point.) Made a big production of showing it to her, so there were no WTF? moments when she hopped on the little table. Bonus for her: the little table is deeper than the dresser, so a bit more room to eat.

So, what did she do? Jumped on the little table, looked at me, and immediately leaped to the dresser and stared at me, LOL. Had to have a little discussion about how accessibility is good for everyone.

Now does this mean I can put things on the top of the dresser again? Oh no, unless I make it a bookshelf – anything else, she’ll get up there and knock it to the floor, LOL.

Well, time to go get a jump on the day and be on the lookout for the email saying “You can leave early on Friday for the holiday weekend” – it probably won’t show up until Wednesday or Thursday, but I’ll be looking for it all week, LOL.

You have a great day.

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